Arlington Pharmacy, Your Personal Service Pharmacy. Arlington, WA.

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10-Minute Walk-In Clinic
540 West Avenue
Arlington, WA 98223
(360) 435-8262 phone
(360) 474-1394 fax
Located inside Arlington Pharmacy

Clinic Hours:
9am - 6pm Monday – Friday
9am - 5pm Saturday
10am - 3pm Sunday

Welcome to the 10-Minute Walk-In Clinic. We are a convenient, accessible and efficient clinic offering focused family health care. No appointment is necessary. Our trained health professional will treat common infections, everyday irritations and episodic health concerns. Patients must be at least 18 months or older. To keep your costs low, we do not participate with any insurance plans. If a prescription is needed you can get it conveniently filled on-site, or at your established pharmacy.

One low fee for all visits: $49

We can treat any of the following in a ten-minute consultation:
• Sinusitis
• Strep Throat
• Ear Aches
• UTIs (adult ladies only)
• Pink Eye
• Bronchitis
• Wheezing (Asthma)
• Coughs
• Tonsillitis
• Skin Infections
• Allergies

*Please see your doctor or health care specialist if you are in need of acute care, including injuries, broken bones or stitches. The clinic does not administer children’s immunizations nor treat chronic pain.*

“We don’t take the place of a doctor’s visit. You can buzz in quick and get back to your job and kids.” – Chelsea Johnson, ARNP, Family Nurse Practitioner & Clinic Director